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For advertiser

Advertiser FAQ

1.What is AppDrive?
Appdrive is an innovative Self-Serve Rewarded Advertising Platform, operating on a CPI bidding basis. It effortlessly monetizes dormant non-paying users of an app by getting them to pay for in-app purchases (IAP) through app downloads or actions promoted by Ads from various advertisers ....

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For Publisher

App Developer FAQ

1.Why should I use AppDrive?
AppDrive does incent mediation thereby ensuring highest earning per click and reducing offer duplication. Our USP is that we are a global leader in incent (owning some of the rewards apps out there), we understand the needs and pain points of agencies and have created a safe and proven platform. ......

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For Agency

Agencies FAQ

1.How to use Agency interface?
As an Ad Agency you can start using our rewarding platform in five simple steps. ......

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